Kairos signifies an opportune moment in time.
Ancient Greeks used two words for time: chronos and kairos.

Chronos signifies a passing time. Kairos signifies opportune time for action. The opportunity presents itself only for a moment. It needs to be recognized and captured. Lucky are those that recognize and capture this moment.

Our family together with close friends found our opportunity in wine.

Inspired by the discovery that world known Zinfandel is actually Dalmatian indigenous varietal-Crljenak; we wanted to be one of those people who brought Crljenak back home after almost a century of oblivion.

In the opportune moment, we discovered a perfect position for planting the vineyard.

Vineyard is situated above Trogir- a small town safeguarded by one the most famous ancient Greek depictions of god Kairos.

Today, ten years later, seems like the opportune moment for Kairos wines.